Jan. 2nd, 2014 10:30 am
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Hello, peoples of the journal! How I love seeing you all post, and hearing about your lives and interests, and yet I never get around to posting myself. Happy New Year!

So, 2013. I spent a lot of time being existentially depressed about certain life choices (viz. offspring), failed to find full-time childcare, went back to work part-time, got asthma, moved to Jakarta and became unemployed, lived out of a suitcase for several months, fought an ongoing battle with my lungs, and clawed my way through half of a first book draft. I was frustrated and bored, and suffered cruelly from a lack of alone-time. In retrospect, the past year seems mainly negative, but there were a few bright spots: Sydney's brilliant winter sunshine during my lunchtime runs around Darling Harbour, finding a great new friend in an old acquaintance, a September of writing and coffee with [twitter.com profile] cspacat, brainstorming over Taiwanese desserts with [personal profile] kaneko, being fed by [personal profile] isilya. But yeah, definitely looking forward to a healthier, more prosperous 2014.

For 2014: Start exercising again, get the asthma situation under control, find a job, regain professional fluency in Indonesian, finish the book.
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