Feb. 19th, 2012

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Background: You, someone from Australia, are travelling to a remote community in the Solomon Islands for two weeks. You are vegetarian and thirteen weeks pregnant. The community has no doctor, clinic or pharmacy. Ciguatera (reef fish poisoning), while not common, has been known to occur in this and other Solomon Islands communities. As it is the wet season and water supplies occasionally become contaminated, food-borne illnesses occur with some frequency.

Situation: The community offers you their traditional feast foods of mashed root vegetables, reef fish and barbequed pork. Being a not particularly well-off community, meat in general is considered a delicacy and is usually reserved for honoured guests and special occasions.

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Eat everything, meat and all. It's important to be respectful.
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Eat just the vegetables. The not-insignificant risk of food poisoning has potentially severe consequences for pregnancy.
4 (25.0%)

Refuse meat on religious grounds, which is a more face-saving excuse (for everyone) than mere dietary preference.
10 (62.5%)

Eat only pre-packaged food you brought from home. Best not to take any risks.
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Something else, which I will tell you in the comments.
2 (12.5%)

So here's my normal (i.e. not pregnant) response to this situation: I'll eat it all, including the meat. People have made the effort to prepare food, often expensive food, for me; I want to show my gratitude for their hospitality; ergo, I will eat what they provide.

However, in my current situation I would also like to avoid the experience of a food-poisoning-related miscarriage while five hours away (by boat) from the nearest medical facilities. While being vegetarian hasn't prevented me from a few cases of food poisoning in the past, I feel like the risks of food-borne illnesses from vegetables are lower than for meat (especially fish).


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