Apr. 16th, 2012

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Entertained myself on the plane ride back from Japan this morning with a rousing game of Murakami Bingo (played with a copy of 1Q84, a wrist-breaking tome of approximately 1000 pages):

1. First reference to an obscure piece of classical music: page 3

2. First reference to a male character's formative experience being a (sexual/sexualised) betrayal by his mother: page 13

3. First lesbian sex scene: page 29

4. First time a woman thinks way more about her own breasts than most women normally do (aka. the George R. R. Martin school of the female POV): page 34

5. First time a man experiences desire for a nubile but kooky schoolgirl: page 45

6. First mention of Cutty Sark whiskey: page 55

7. First mention of jazz playing on the radio: page 55

8. First time a hot 20-something woman sleeps with balding, 50-something man: page 61

I think I'm going to make my ninth bingo square the first reference to a US fast food chain (Denny's has always been a Murakami favourite, no?), and then I'm going to call it quits. I got better things to read than the n-th iteration of some middle-aged dude's fantasyland.

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