Jun. 29th, 2012

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So there's this popular story being recced everywhere at the moment for a fandom I'm not at all into, but I was tired after a long week and thought what the hell.

The characters are these two INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE OF MYSTERY who are SUPER AWESOME at their jobs. They spend one night in Hong Kong! The next in Santiago! The night after that in Lisbon! For years on end, with nowhere to call home! They are just that well-travelled and worldly!

One person drugs the other person and takes him to a SECRET LOCATION. Drugged person wakes up in a beautiful house with a beautiful view, and sees that he's in an unidentified valley SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Person thinks to himself, "Man, I really don't know where I am. If I had a couple of days, I could at least narrow it down to what hemisphere I'm in, based on the weather."

AHAHAHAHAHAHA SORRY DID YOU SAY YOU WERE ACTUALLY GOOD AT YOUR JOB? You have travelled somewhat in the past, have you not? Later you see a Jeep Wrangler, presumably with country-specific numberplates (and in either left- or right-hand drive), and you can't immediately tell what CONTINENT you might be on, let alone what hemisphere you're in? Also, you ask if the water is safe to drink. There's actually quite an easy test for this: if you're in a (modern, well-appointed) kitchen and there is no source of water other than the tap (e.g. a water dispenser, or a telltale stack of bottled water), then the tap water is probably safe to drink, yo. And while you're in the kitchen, open the fridge and use your SUPER POWERS OF OBSERVATION to read some product labels and make an educated guess about your location.

I mean, really.


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