Nov. 19th, 2012


Nov. 19th, 2012 08:05 pm
tevere: Jihae, solemn with hint of smile (Default)
Dreamwidth seems kinda quiet lately, which is irksome as I need something to obsessively refresh while I'm procrastinating on my Yuletide. I get the sinking feeling that all the interesting fannish conversations are slowly migrating to where I'm not, i.e. to Twitter and Tumblr. Is that actually true? Should I be signing up for Twitter? For instance, [personal profile] thefourthvine has a new story out which I probably would have missed had not I seen someone mention its existence on my network page. Would I have been more abreast of current fannish events if I were on Twitter? How many of you have Twitter accounts for fannish things, and how often do you use them?

Pls to advise.

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