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Firstly, know that this is my first Yuletide -- which means YOU are my FIRST YULETIDE WRITER, and that is more awesome than I can say. I'm still revelling in the delight of being able to request a story for one of those books or movies that I finished and thought, idly, "if only this was a fandom." And now they all are! OMG SO EXCITING. In other words: I'm just stoked that Yuletide is happening, and the very existence of one more story in one of my requested fandoms is going to make me happy. Don't sweat the details *g*.

In general I like 'ideas' stories rather than plotty stories. I love tight POVs, and I love characters who really feel emotional turmoil, and who sweat and angst over every little detail of why they're feeling what they're feeling. I like it when a story and the relationship between its central characters says something about the canon as a whole, or reinforces a key message/idea of the source material.

30 Rock: Just so you know, I have an embarrassment squick. Not a massive one, but it's there. But I know that some of the best parts of the show are deeply embarrassing, especially for poor Liz, and to be honest: I would rather you include embarrassing moments if you feel it helps you capture the tone of the show. In fact, it probably wouldn't be 30 Rock if I weren't cringing on Liz's behalf, you know? But what I really love about the source material is the moments of tenderness and vulnerability that occasionally peek through the comedy and brashness. I love Liz's yearning for a baby, for instance, even as I adore the fact that it's a great set-up for a number of jokes. For Liz/Jack, whether romantic or platonic, I'd love to have real emotion grounding the story, with humour as a top layer.

Jarhead: My favourite source material is the book, just because it's written so elegantly. I love how the authorial voice is knowing, a bit sad, as it looks back on Swoff's time at boot camp and in the desert, and his friendships with men who later end up dead. What I'd love for a story in this fandom is realism -- not just the hopelessness, though, but the bitter and ironic moments, too. The ridiculousness of it all. I work with the military on occasion, and I have a number of friends who've gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, so I'm going to be particularly appreciative of any small details that really ring true about what it's like out there.

St Augustine: Confessions Well, it might help you to know that I'm an atheist, so I'm not going to be offended by anything on the religious front *g*. My first encounter with Augustine was City of God, which I just loved for the sheer bloody-mindedness of its logic and determination. Some things about the Bible are contradictory, but BY GOD AUGUSTINE WILL MAKE THEM FIT. He's so intelligent, so rigorous in his thought, that it makes the moment when he takes 'the leap' out into what defies rational thought just that much more profound and affecting. I've read Confessions a number of times, and each time it raises the hair on the back of my neck. If you can write an Augustine POV that really captures his struggle to make it all make sense, you will make me the happiest little blasphemer in the WORLD.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles My love for this fandom is pretty well documented in my journal. In fact, I really only have one thing to add to my prompt: ALL ROBOTS, ALL THE TIME. *cough*. Yes, I love the metal. I love it when they act human, feel human (Allison!Cameron), live with humans. I love the surreal domesticity of the Connors' little family unit. And did I mention that I love robots? *g*

My stories are here. Which probably won't help you, because I write a lot but never finish anything.

Thanks again, and enjoy writing!

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