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Dear Yuletider!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write for me. I missed last year's Yuletide, so I'm stoked to be participating again this year. I always have a fabulous time reading and writing, and I have absolutely no doubts it'll be the same this year. Yay, Yuletide!!

Secondly, apologies times a million for my terrible prompts-- I dashed them off on about two hours of sleep and a wicked case of jetlag, and my brain wasn't exactly fully functional. I didn't mean to have them sound quite so much like a set of obnoxious take-home exam questions! Just to be clear, the questions are simply aspects of the canon and characterisations that pique my curiosity-- I'm certainly not asking for a story that gives a literal answer to everything in the prompt. I do really love detailed character studies, but I'd rather you write something that you want to write, so please just run with whatever excites you.

Things I like

I'm a sucker for really intense, involved fiction: big ideas, bitter consequences, a sense of the epic, gut-wrenching emotion, irony, bittersweet but hopeful endings. I love gritty realism, complicated morality, ethical dilemmas, examinations of power and privilege, and the juxtaposition of the personal and the global. I also particularly enjoy thinking about social systems and structures: what external forces influence and shape our characters, constrain their choices, inform their perspectives? To what extent can they be held accountable for their own actions, biases, mistakes?

[Nb: If you've matched me on Dostana, the above doesn't really apply-- Dostana for me is a sunshine-and-puppies source that just makes me happy, dammit *g*. I'd still love realism and super-intense emotions, but ideally paired with an unequivocally happy ending. My 'Omg I love Dostana so much!!1!' post is here.]

As you've probably gleaned from my prompts, I generally gravitate towards M/M slash and gen fiction. That said, I'm a pretty easy sell on hetero relationships (e.g. Bond/M) if that's where you really want to go-- particularly if there are subverting elements such as gender-bending, inverted power dynamics, or where someone turns out to be something other than expected.

Genres I particularly like are what-if stories, fix-its, AUs, missing scenes, character studies, and star-crossed romances. I also adore robots, but I'm aware that 'more robots!!' is probably only a good idea for one out of my four requests, and a neutral-to-disastrous idea for the other three *g*.

Things I don't like

I have a lot of difficulty reading stories that contain gratuitous or uncontextualised violence and/or death. That's not to say I won't read stories that contain violence; I just need it to be dealt with sensitively and realistically.

My pretty much unbreakable squick is torture-- I can't read explicit descriptions of it, and even offscreen (or offhand) mentions of it make me desperately uncomfortable. This includes common action-movie tropes like shooting people in the kneecaps to get them to cooperate, breaking fingers, police brutality, that kind of thing. (Exception: if you're writing The Wire, a measure of police brutality I can take-- as long as it's congruent with the tone of the show, and necessary for plot or character development.)

I'm generally not wild about crossovers or fusions, but hey: if it's something you're passionate about I'm sure you could convince me *g*.

Yuletide, previously...

2008 (30 Rock, Jarhead, St Augustine's Confessions, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
2009 (East West 101, One Thousand and One Nights, Generation Kill, Flight of the Conchords)

(For reference: my requests!)

Casino Royale

I would love an M-centric story, perhaps her backstory-- how she got to where she did, how she became who she is, and how all of that influences how she thinks about (and uses) Bond. I'm not really interested in a personal/sexual relationship between M and Bond, but I'm super-interested in the dynamics of their working relationship-- especially the gender aspect of being a woman at the top of a male-dominated industry. Does she trust him or not? What has she sacrificed to get where she is, and does she resent Bond for any of the advantages he has in the business by being male? Does she use Bond callously, or is there some compassion there? Was M a double-oh herself, or was it a case that women weren't allowed to be double-ohs and she had to work her way up through alternative means? (If you're going down the female-spies-as-prostitutes path, though, I'd love a realistic depiction of how this would impact on her later career and how her peers perceive her!) What's her relationship with her husband like?

Company series - Kage Baker

I'd be happy with a story about any one of these characters by themselves, or two or three of them in combination! I'd love gen and be happy with slash, although for the latter I'd prefer a focus on relationships and emotions rather than sex. The backstories of all three of these characters intrigue me, and I'd love to learn more-- Joseph's early days working alongside the Enforcers (especially Budu, and how that father-son dynamic played out at the beginning and end of their relationship), or Lewis's time in Ireland and his (somewhat slashy?) relationship with Eogan the monk. Or perhaps what happened when Latif finally met and started working with his hero, Suleyman, and how their relationship developed. Or just how Latif the snarky competent child turned into Latif the competent kickass adult! I adore Joseph and Lewis road-tripping and snarking and getting drunk on chocolate together (and Lewis angsting about his missing memories), so if you wanted to write a fill-in couple of scenes while they're jaunting around the English countryside in search of the old Enforcers, that would make me supremely happy. Or what happens to the two of them after the end of the series? Is there a slashy dimension to Lewis's obssession with Edward and his epically bad novel? Or because Joseph is such an old, complex and interesting character, just a look inside his head-- exploring his good decisions and bad decisions, and how towards the end the sheer magnitude of unfolding events and conspiracies starts to get all a bit much for him.


I love these three! I'd love Sam/Kunal slash with an acknowledgement of their strong friendship with Neha, or just a fun, shiny friendship story involving the three of them. Angsty or funny missing scenes would be great, or what happens after the end of the movie when (presumably) Neha eventually moves out to live with Abhi. We've seen Sam's mother's reaction to the two of them-- later are there misunderstandings with Kunal's family, too? Sam and Kunal are basically big kids-- kind of self-absorbed and with an underdeveloped understanding of consequences-- so what happens if they start developing feelings for each other and have to negotiate the personal and social aspects of a gay relationship, especially being Indian men? We saw that at the end of the movie they put their selfishness aside for the sake of their friendship with each other and with Neha-- so something I'd really love would be to see them grow further emotionally, while still keeping that spirit of fun and mischief that made the movie so delightful. What happens if unexpected responsiblities/tasks fall onto their lap for some reason and they have to work together towards a serious or not-so-serious goal? I don't mind some emotional angst (I love stories with ALL the emotions!), but a happy ending for this one, please!

The Wire

I find the antagonistic/needling interactions between these two really interesting, and I would love to see more of it! Is it mainly bullying and tormenting, or does Carver have any respect (and a soft spot?) for Bodie? What does Bodie think of Carver? What's Carver's background, and how does this affect how he views Bodie? How does Carver's immaturity play into the relationship, especially given that Bodie often seems older than he really is? Does Herc have opinions on the connection between Carver and Bodie? (Nb: I haven't seen past S4. Spoilers aren't a huge concern-- I have my suspicions about how Bodie's story ends-- but I'd prefer a story set in the earlier seasons.) Slash or gen is fine.

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