Oct. 28th, 2012 06:22 pm
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So, Yuletide! I thought I wouldn't participate this year, owing to my new full-time job of tending to the screaming little potato-head that recently fell into my possession, but in the end I signed up with a hyper-conservative list of offers that I feel fairly confident I can manage. I had a terrible time last year due to a misjudged offer, the super-short timeframe, being in the middle of an interstate move, starting a new job, taking two international trips, and suffering what I thought was the most epic case of PMS, but was in fact the beginnings of the aforementioned potato-head. I figured if I can survive all of that, this year should be just dandy. (Remind me of this foolhardiness in a month!) I'm a bit sad I missed nominations since I've been obsessed with Camille Harp's femslashy cover of Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire' ever since [personal profile] thefourthvine mentioned it earlier this year, but I've fortunately been able to recycle some much-wanted, unfulfilled requests from previous years. I always enjoy stickybeaking other people's letters, so here's mine with requests for Dostana, Looper, 4th & 5th Century RPF (St Augustine) and Pu Songling's Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.

Are you doing Yuletide this year? Do you have a letter? Link me to yours!
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