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Dreamwidth seems kinda quiet lately, which is irksome as I need something to obsessively refresh while I'm procrastinating on my Yuletide. I get the sinking feeling that all the interesting fannish conversations are slowly migrating to where I'm not, i.e. to Twitter and Tumblr. Is that actually true? Should I be signing up for Twitter? For instance, [personal profile] thefourthvine has a new story out which I probably would have missed had not I seen someone mention its existence on my network page. Would I have been more abreast of current fannish events if I were on Twitter? How many of you have Twitter accounts for fannish things, and how often do you use them?

Pls to advise.

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I use Twitter, but it's mainly non-fannish conversation, though most of the people I have friended on there are fellow fans. But then I don't really have a fandom or fandoms that I would be having specific fannish conversations about, and it's not really the place for meta. I can imagine that it might be used for a lot of instant-reaction squee (either for canon or fics), though.

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I get the sense that twitter is only good for certain fandoms. Like, there are fandoms where the majority of the interaction is on twitter, and some where the majority of the interaction is on Tumblr. Twitter tends to be better for keeping in touch with friends' lives (which tumblr is less good for, or at least I see a lot less of that on tumblr).

IDK, possibly I'm not the right person to ask, but twitter in terms of fannish interaction, in what I've experienced in the ~year I've had an account, has been either linkdrops (so for example a lot of fic recs, meta, etc) or fannish conversations for fandoms that are primarily on twitter (such as bandom, or at least the LJ/DW style corners of bandom). Mainly this is RPF fandoms since in RPF your "characters" tend to also have twitters and so the fandom can congregate there.

But if you need something to refresh over and over again, twitter is definitely the best time waster :) It gives just enough to distract and entertain you for a bit, but unlike tumblr won't suck you into an endless pit of "is it 4am already?" of content.

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[personal profile] thefourthvine is delightful on twitter as well! She is pretty much worth the price of admission alone, but in terms of keeping up with fandom, it's now become a multi-pronged beast of:

1) Tumblr -- real-time fannish reaction to everything.
2) Twitter -- often the primary canon, which tumblr then reacts to.
3) Pinboard Popular in Fandom Feed/Page

It's amazing how quickly trends sweep through fandom -- Skyfall Bond/Q fic started trending about a week ago and is the only thing currently competing with Teen Wolf for PinboardPop space.

The page only updates once per day, but the feed sends through a steady trickle of the zeitgeist.

But nothing has stepped in to really replace the kind of interactions I have enjoyed for so long on LJ/DW. And LJ/DW truly has died this past year, it's so sad.

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My entire life has basically migrated to Twitter. I think in 140 characters. I talk to lots of fandom or ex-fandom people on it, but mostly about enthralling TV baking contests, or the annoying dogs next door. Evidence of fandom is definitely there, but then all these people from work found me, so I had to make a secret Twitter account, and then it all got a bit confusing. I am also on Tumblr, which is shiny but weirdly muffled and silent. Still can't quite get my head around that place. Sometimes I use my locked Twitter to bitch to people about odd fannish things I saw on Tumblr. Sometimes I have to *email* people!

I'm not quite sure how to do fandom any more, but that's probably just me. It ain't like the old days, you know! I remember mailing lists! *gets pipe and slippers*

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I am, as usual, copracat anywhere I am online. My twitter is locked, but if you get a twitter account just do the ask to follow thing. Most fans who have locked twitter aren't locked to avoid other fans. What you say on twitter is so easily retweeted that the streams (fannish and non) can be crossed too easily for my comfort. Also, what isilya said about Google and stuff.

I like my fannish twitter for conversations with my fan buddies, links to interesting things and just keeping up with people day to day. I would recommend it for feeling connected to fandom easily and there's only a small silence when Australians have mostly gone to bed and other hemispherians haven't quite got up yet.

I have a wallet name twitter where the friend interaction is a lot less, it's much more work/news/activism oriented. I do follow a few fan friends on there, it is also their wallet name/not fannish account so it's okay for my comfort zone. Wallet name twitter is great for following politics and things that are happening in the world right now. It's like one of those old fashioned news ticker things in movies, but better because you can talk back. Most afternoons it's on I follow political wonks tweeting Parliamentary Question Time, which is GOLD.

There are plenty of Twitter clients that let you operate more than one account.

I advocate a fannish twitter for keeping abreast of fannish events, though it would depend on the mix of people you follow.

This is my tumblr which I link so you can compare it ( pretty much wall to wall screen caps of shows I love and reblogs of other pretty pictures, nothing too spoilery as I mostly cap close ups) to what is more commonly happening in tumblr. Here, for example, is what happens if you check out the tag for Generation Kill: It's like a community but with absolutely no moderation. On the other hand, you don't have to wait for someone to either be on your friends list or to post to those communities you follow. As long as they've tagged with the tag you search for, you can find it all. You can choose tumblrs to follow and they show up on your dashboard, which is where you control your tumblr experience. You can track tags and search for new ones and manage your draft, private and queued posts. You can also access a link to see all posts you've hearted. Some people use Disquis for comments on tumblr. Other people do the repost and add your own words. You can repost other people's posts (and as long as you don't edit them out, tumblr will keep track of who you blogged it from and any credits and links they included). I deeply love reblogging and sometimes try to do it on DW and then 'Doh!'

You don't need to have an account on tumblr to follow stuff, but it makes it a lot easier to curate your own experience. You can just go read people's tumblrs just like blogs and I'm pretty sure you can rss/atom feed them, too.

Anyway, the short version is yes, that is where fandom has gone and why DW is quieter. LJ is not much quieter, for me, but I've fed all my LJ communities to DW, so my LJ is pretty much just DW holdouts and they're not particularly speedy about moving to tumblr. They will as they get more into Teen Wolf, I reckon. It's surprising how relatively late to that party the old school slash fans are, but that may be because it was happening on tumblr and they're not there yet.

Interesting things about tumblr: if you want to see discussion about a character, track the character or fandom tag. If you want to see pretty pictures, track the actor tag. The Elementary tag was so full of a small contingent of Sherlock BBC fans being rude about Elementary, Elementary fans have decamped to the tag Elementasquee. And this is your archive: Look at that wall to wall pretty! It's the other reason I resist using tumblr as a journal of words. Words would muck up my archive.

People are posting fiction on tumblr now and I've noticed that a lot of writers will advertise their tumblr in the notes on works they post to AO3. I believe people are cross posting to AO3 and tumblr.

Both twitter and tumblr have either native functions or 3rd party add ons that can help you control stuff you want to avoid.

Hard to believe I haven't hit the character limit yet!
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I am totally with you as part of the problem and yet suffering from it. I have a twitter and a tumblr but I use them minimally and very resistantly (mostly I lurk and get overwhelmed by the speed and lack of anything resembling infrastructure I can see and as a result the lack of any fannish memory whatsoever).

And yet I'm not posting on DW any more either. It feels like the entry threshold has gotten higher somehow. Maybe because there are fewer posts and a lot of the mundane has moved elsewhere, posts feel like they need to be more weighty? Maybe it's my own personal anxieties.

I feel like I've entered my third big step in fandom. After a few years of lurking (mailing lists and early blogs) and then a decade of LJ/DW and a sense of collective conversations that were known and shared by all (clearly an illusion, but I could call up various friends and just say, can you believe this? And they'd know what debate I was referencing :), I am now back to a one on one relation in many cases. Email, IM, phone are my friends.

For that matter, even though I am at least marginally in a few fandoms, I don't feel like I'm in it the way it used to feel. Between the image avalanche on tumblr and the seemingly overcritical comments on my flist, I stay away and do my own fun so to speak...

I think one reason I'm so resistant to tumblr is that I don't see it as an improvement over DW. LJ was an amazing step up from the mailing lists in terms of usability and community and communication and a bunch of other stuff, but other than the pictures pretty I don't see tumblr's capabilities as superior in anything. I think at this point it's less I can't and more why should I want to?

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This is actually where I'm at. DW felt like an improvement on LJ to me (which is why I came over), but Twitter feels too short and unconnected for me to really like it (it feels like getting random text messages from people and far less of a conversation) and Tumblr... I don't get the vibe of interaction from Tumblr. It's lovely for looking at fanart but fic is frequently posted in ugly/hard to read formats (I remember the days of Geocities sites and white-on-black text. I've grown very used to the clean screens of LJ/DW).

I know DW may be getting quieter, and unfortunately we all seem to have increased time-demands and there's less posting in general, but I have such fond memories of discussions and time spent here. I don't want to move.

(And it kind of worries me that new fans, in their early 20s or so, are on FB and Twitter and Tumblr and the distance between real-life and fannish-life is becoming far to small. It might be a step in the right direction that there's less shame/whatever/need to hide it, but I like my online privacy. I like being in a community that understands courtesy of not making it too easy to fannishly out someone. Plus the whole spoiler thing. I frequently watch series weeks or months after they've aired. I can't be part of a platform that doesn't respect that not everyone saw the episode when mainstream US did.)

So, in short, it might be where fandom's shifted to but I have no desire to follow.

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I have twitter, and I sort of use it for fannish things and for rambling/complaining about my day too. It's the only social media activity I am allowed to have access to during the day (by a set of rules I have imposed on myself) so I end up using it more than DW these days.

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I has a Twitter but it is not fannish. Let me know if you gets one. The Tumblr confuses one. Is it what the Batman drives or not? WHAT IS THIS STRANGE NEW WORLD THAT HAS SUCH BRAVE PEOPLE IN IT?

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From: [personal profile] qian
I have a Twitter, but it's all pro writing people or social justice people or pro writing people who are into social justice, so I don't look at it if I'm in a mood where I'm likely to get stressed out.

It's interesting what [personal profile] norah says about fannish drift ("gafiation" they used to call it!) -- I think I'm at a similar place. I like fannish people but am not really into any fandom myself nowadays, which is an odd place to be. I was also going to add that apparently massive fandom-upturning flamewars/imbroglios/wanks are quite good friendfinders -- I made a whole set of DW/LJ friends through RaceFail '09 -- but fandom's appetite for a really big punch-up seems to have died down a bit since then. (Or maybe I'm just better at ignoring them!)

I feel out of place in this Tumblr age as well. I'm just hoping it'll be replaced by a new platform eventually -- one that goes at a slower pace. Hell, I preferred messageboards and mailing lists to Tumblr; at least they were a central place where you could discuss things with lots of different people in a low-pressure way. (That said, I'm sure Tumblr is a low-pressure place for lots of people -- just not for me!)

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From: [personal profile] thefourthvine
I have no idea where the fannish interaction is, either. Fannish content is on Tumblr, reaction is on Twitter, fanworks on AO3, but interaction - ummmmm. GOOD LUCK, basically. I have more fannish interaction on Twitter than anywhere else, but still not a lot.

It's my understanding that when LJ became the new fannish place a decade or so ago, a lot of people hated it for being too personal and not fannish enough - like, you had to subscribe to PEOPLE, not FANDOMS. I guess the pendulum has reverse directions?

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From: [personal profile] whatistigerbalm
I was going to say, "fandom is on tumblr!" - but tumblr is the worst place ever to have a discussion or a talk on anything. Hmm, wonder if I should do a brief guide to the pros and cons of tumblr on here...

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From: [personal profile] copracat
If you can explain how to have a conversation without subscribing to a cross platform service like disquis, and maybe how you can co-locate all the threads of responses to a post... she asks hopefully.

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From: [personal profile] applegnat
Hello, just got here as [personal profile] cathexys mentioned this post, stayed to subscribe. I daresay there are fannish users who get stuff out of LJ, but in my experience you have to be interested in a big, current fandom for that -- or join ONTD. I use Twitter strictly for RL purposes, and it is absolutely wonderful in introducing you to news and subjects you might never have known you were interested in. Tumblr can do that too, more visually. Did I know anything about Mani Kaul movies before seeing your beautiful post? No! But now I shall go follow 239483 Tumblrs about Indian parallel cinema because I can!

But I think our looking for the snows of yesteryear etc. are a bit futile. Although there are new fandoms congregating on Tumblr, and as you say many fans who've been around for a bit are migrating to these media: it's not the same.

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I'm active on Tumblr as fireofspring, but never use my twitter, since its blocked in China.

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From: [personal profile] alethia
Super late, but hi!

I actually don't think all that much interesting discussion is going on on tumblr, mostly because, as a platform, it's terrible for, ya know, having a discussion. Which is why I hate it. A lot.

I've definitely noticed a slowdown in conversation, but it doesn't seem like it's actually moved anywhere. Rather, it seems like it's just stopped, like people find the specter of discussing things to be too much effort, so instead they post pictures. Which is...rather unfortunate, in my view.

I do have a fannish twitter account, on which I follow a few friends (mainly the old school GK fans), but I don't know how much that keeps me up on fannish happenings, as it were. What I get from it is more life stuff, with a smattering of 'I'm watching this!' Which I guess is more than from LJ/DW these days, so that's something...

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