Dec. 3rd, 2012 12:36 pm
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I'd kinda been intending to post some thoughts on Skyfall, but Yuletide is currently sucking away all my writing energy-- and which, progressing at its current rate of about two hundred words a day, will be finished approximately never.

Procrastinatorily, this morning I spent my allocated writing time greatly enjoying the [ profile] humblebrag feed. Even more than celebrities, parents are the best humblebraggers! I find parental humblebragging particularly irksome, because the kacang is not an especially advanced baby, so while everyone else is all, "Can you believe I put my baby to bed and when I came back ten minutes later, she'd taken off her swaddling and totally crawled to the other end of the cot! Such a little escape artist, so annoying, lol!" I'm like, whatever, my baby can't even roll over. The thing is, the kacang is uncoordinated because she's ridiculously huge, in fact so large that the doctor was worried about how fast she was growing and scheduled all these extra appointments to monitor her weight, but after all his extra measuring he came to the conclusion that she was, you know, just naturally big, and that I must just be feeding her super well.

Oh, oh! See what I just did there?

The kacang propped up on her stomach
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