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I think the reason this story's taking so long is that I keep getting sidetracked into research. Or perhaps that should be: 'procrastination'. But I'm learning so much! *g*

This is an interesting way to while away some time: which poems on this page were written by humans, and which by a computer program?

The morning and already
a perfect if slightly paled
old park turned with young women
seized in amber

I thought I would ace this, but average accuracy is two-thirds and I only got a whisker above that. (My technique: figure the ones that suck are written by a computer. But all this did was show I have a deep and abiding dislike of my dear namesake's poems, which-- yeah.)

Looking at the breakdown of the results, it looks like you tend to do better if you know nothing about poetry. Or, I guess, if you know so much about poetry that you recognise all the stanzas written by actual poets! But that would be kind of cheating.


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