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I think it took me four years to finish this story because, early on, I realised I was basically writing it for an audience of one *g*. Hands up anyone who even remembers this canonical pairing!

You'll have to have seen the Season 1 episode 'Vick's Chip' for this story to make much sense.Or maybe you could get away with just knowing this much about the episode. ) I could write paragraphs of meta about how much I love that episode: the complex, layered parallels between humans who protect and kill, and machines who do the same; Sarah's compassion and sorrow; John's realisation of the true alienness of machines.

"All of us wear masks. They can be worn out of love and the desire to remain close to those around us. To spare them from the complicated realities of our frayed psyches. We trade honesty for companionship and in the process never truly know the hearts closest to us."

God, I miss this show.

Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Title: Someone I Used To Know
Pairing: Barbara Chamberlain/Vick Chamberlain
Length: 12,055
Rating: Some het sex of the human/robot variety
Warnings: There's nothing in the story itself, but if you've seen the episode you'll probably be reminded of its scene of horrific domestic violence.
Summary: This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Vick Chamberlain.
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Man, I never insta-rec (mainly due to inertia). But if you're a fan of SCC, you'd be insane to walk instead of RUN LIKE FUCKING CRAZY towards this bitter, funny, hopeful, painful post-S2 story by [personal profile] vehemently, Every Time is the First Time.

How does this fandom have so much awesomeness in it? I really don't know.

Oh -- and I figure that everyone who wants one probably already has one, but if anyone wants a Dreamwidth invite, I've two to give away. Send me an email at inekemeyer at gmail if you want in.

Speaking of Dreamwidth, I figure you may have noticed I've joined the Great Fannish Migration of 2009 and become [personal profile] tevere. But I'll be cross-posting to [livejournal.com profile] tevere for the foreseeable future. Comments at both places, at least for the time being.
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Dude, not only did I spoil myself for this episode, I watched it on youtube. Even so:



In other news: I'm in Malaysia, land of my foremothers, lounging around and enjoying the old friends, great food, walkable footpaths and plentiful bookshops. Life seems remarkably simple when you're on holiday. I'll do the tourist thing at the Batu Caves, enjoy a pre-Passover meal with my favourite pair of peripatetic Jews, go to the movies (Fast&Furious?), go to the supermarket at Bangsar and boggle over the array of imported deliciousness, do some reading and writing in a comfortable cafe, maybe update this journal with some actual content. And then to Bali, where pretty much all of the above over again, but with added beach and husband!

Feel free to hate me right now, because I'm feeling pretty smug about it all.
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Hmmm )

In other news, I am so shamefully obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance: Australia that I've actually abandoned my SCC and GK WIPs and started writing a story about one of the SYTYCD judges (former ballet and stage dancer Jason Coleman) *facepalm*. But he's just so competent and reasonable! and hot, in a frosted-tips and open shirt kind of way! I just wish Channel 10 would let him, you know, occasionally even mention that he finds the male dancers as attractive as the female ones. Because you know he wants to.
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Just dashing in from Windy Wellington (this is a Kiwi summer? What. WHAT.) to say that I wrote Tell Me How This Ends (Sarah Connor Chronicles, gen), which I reckon must be the fruitcake of Yuletide stories: large, heavy, and nearly impossible to digest *g*. But I had a good first Yuletide experience, and I hope you all did too!
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I'll say up front: this episode hit one of my squicks pretty damn hard -- hard enough that I really couldn't enjoy the whole thing as much as I wanted to. And there was a lot to love, so it's a shame.

Herein I focus on the happy )
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My tip for you: avoid Airnorth like the plague, if you have any choice at all in the matter. Sadly, choice is in short supply for us island residents, and now I'm entering my third day without luggage (most important missing item: my laptop charger omg. Not like I can just nip down to the shops and buy a new one!). Of course, this being Dili, there's also no such thing as an organised system for matching passengers with their delayed baggage: you just have to turn up at the airport for every flight, hoping that your bag's aboard. Fortunately there's only two flights a day, but still.

My day has been brightened by two events, though: Yuletide and SCC. Although in the latter case, when I say 'brightened' I actually mean:

Spoilers )

In summary: SCC, you are AWESOME, please keep doing what you're doing.
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SCC this week was really bloody awesome, which was a welcome return to form after a kind of lackluster previous episode (in this it mirrors SPN, which regained my trust with that knockout Halloween episode). More thoughts on SCC later, since I don't anticipate my R&R in Darwin will be filled with anything more pressing than reading the weekend newspaper and catching up on downloaded episodes of SYTYCD.

Also: YULETIDE, YAY! This is my first Yuletide ever, previous years being filled with exams, starting a new job, moving overseas, or a combination of all three. I'm ridiculously excited.

I'm kind of prevaricating over whether or not to wander over to the US Embassy at lunchtime to watch the US election results. On the one hand, this means a lot to many of my friends. On the other, the direct impact on my own life is pretty minimal. Also: if I hear any US politician say 'The US is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD' ever again with absolutely zero irony, I may have an undiplomatic response.

And what about the poor New Zealanders? They're having an election soon, too, you know!

Choices, choices.
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I think I'm more excited to talk about the preview for next week's the 20 October episode, than I am for this week's. I mean, not that this week's wasn't good -- SCC is always good! if not great! -- but the next one looks like it's going to be FUN. I need more fun in my life, and this fandom actually lends itself surprisingly well to hilarity and a lighter touch.

Spoilers for 2.05 )
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For the present, I only have two spoilery words for this episode (which I liked a lot)--

which are )

I really, really want to write a Cameron POV of this entire episode. SO MANY INTERESTING ISSUES.
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Why is nobody talking about SCC on my friendslist? For SHAME, people. Well, let me blither for all of us.

The Mousetrap: Let's discuss )

I've been a Terminator fan since age ten. I used to dream about growing up to look like Linda Hamilton in a tank top. So believe me when I say that I'm hardcore about my metal love, and this show MAKES ME HAPPY.
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Was SCC fucking awesome, or what?

I'm out of touch with what constitutes a spoiler, but better safe than sorry )

In summary: SCC for the win. Which is good, because the days preceding it went something like this:

Senior people: So we've got this super-urgent thing, and we're currently considering Option A and Option B. Option A sounds like the way we want to go. In fact, no, we've decided. We REALLY want to do Option A. Pity time is so short that we probably won't be able to give serious consideration to Option A; Option A sounds like JUST the thing we want to do.

Me: *works 20 hours on the weekend to produce a 40-page proposal from scratch*

Senior people: Actually, we've changed our minds and decided to go with Option B. Thanks anyway!

I think my immune system became sympathetically depressed at that point, which would explain this evil tropical flu.

Anyway, so you know this thing that's been going around: the Hundred Foods You Should Try? Well, Tigers and Strawberries made a list of a Hundred Vegetarian Foods You Should Try, which I think is a fine idea.

The thing is that I've always been a meat-loving vegetarian. I like the taste of meat; up until age 24 or so, I ate plenty of meat. But now that I don't eat meat, I find I'm not actually missing anything -- there's still a bazillion options, most of them tastier than a chunk of cow. To wit:

The Vegetarian Hundred -- bold the ones you've tried, strike the ones you'd never try )

What are your must-try vegetarian foods?


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