Jun. 18th, 2010 10:43 pm
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I feel we've been having some really rich, interesting, deep, needed discussions recently. They're hard. They're tiring.

Here: have some joy.

(NB: These links could be considered 'character spoilers' for the composition of the US's So You Think You Can Dance S6 Top 10.)

Tension Good grief, the shapes.

Chasing (pas de deux) It's only a rehearsal and the video quality isn't crash hot, but I found it hypnotising anyway.

Contemporary Dancers Gone Haywire Amusing if you're familiar with SYTYCD contemporary auditions...
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Hmmm )

In other news, I am so shamefully obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance: Australia that I've actually abandoned my SCC and GK WIPs and started writing a story about one of the SYTYCD judges (former ballet and stage dancer Jason Coleman) *facepalm*. But he's just so competent and reasonable! and hot, in a frosted-tips and open shirt kind of way! I just wish Channel 10 would let him, you know, occasionally even mention that he finds the male dancers as attractive as the female ones. Because you know he wants to.
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Last night I discovered an honest-to-god dreadlock in my hair. Not just a tangle, but a 2cm-wide solid-core dread that had industriously climbed from the tip to about halfway to my head.

I was quite proud of it, though eventually made a half-hearted effort to pull it apart (resulting in what might now be termed a 'dread clump'). Google tells me that I've been inadvertently following the unfavoured 'neglect' method of forming dreads -- and now, on closer inspection, I can see that after more than eighteen months of no conditioner and no brushing, my hair has kind of separated itself into long, individual locks with varying degrees of internal cohesion. I hadn't really noticed, since the matting starts in at the ends and works its way upwards. The roots are still smooth, and they're generally all I notice when have my hair tied back the way it always is.

I'm half-tempted to encourage my hair to dread up entirely. I do, however, have the following concerns:

  • How do I make sure the insides of the dreads are completely dry after washing, given that I can't be bothered blow-drying?

  • If the insides aren't dry, will my hair go mouldy?

  • Is it unreasonable of me to do it if The Boy disapproves?

  • Can you still put your hair up in a way that guarantees no part of it will touch the back of your neck? (I hate the feeling of hair touching the back of my neck, especially in hot climates.)

  • Are dreadlocks actually considered 'acceptable' these days in white-collar office environments?

In other news, the second season of So You Think You Can Dance: Australia started last week! Too early for me to be attached to any of the competitors yet, but there's already been some stellar performances, and I'm glad to see the Asians representing *fist bump*. I don't think there were any Asians in the Top Twenty of the first three seasons of the US series (although I think there was a Korean girl in S4, which I haven't seen yet). And it's interesting to see which styles are more popular in Australia than in America, and vice versa. Australian auditions seem to see more jazz, tap and drag (is 'drag' a style?), but less krumping and ballroom.

(ETA: Because I'm an unremembering idiot, [ profile] norah reminds me that there have been four Asians in US SYTYCD: Ryan and Melody from S1, Hok from S3, and Katee from S4.)

Also, you should all check out [ profile] norah's fabulously hot and kinky little number If Love is a Red Dress, based on this SYTYCD S4 performance of awesomeness.

Extra also, is it just me or has SPN been knocking it out of the park for these last couple of episodes? I was toying with calling it quits after that horrible mid-season Ben Edlund patch, but Friday's episode just KILLED ME DED.

And next Friday is TSCC! Life is good, my friends.

(Thanks for all the cat-wishes, by the way.)
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Seriously. WTF. This is such a strange problem that I can't even describe it enough to Google it. Has this happened to any other Mac Firefox users? When I open Firefox, all the windows are invisible. They're there, and loading -- I know this because if I minimise them to the Dock I can see tiny little shrunk versions of them there -- but when they're full size they're INVISIBLE. I've tried re-booting my computer and re-installing Firefox, to no avail. Am currently using Safari. HALP.

In more cheerful news, this completely improvised dance by Ivan and Travis from S2 of So You Think You Can Dance made me squeak asdlkjadfkha!!1!! and break out in a hot tingly flush the likes of which I haven't felt since reading Do I seem bulletproof to you? OMG SO SLASHY. Well, probably pre-slashed for my convenience, but I'll take what I can get. [ profile] makesmewannadie, all I have to say is: you obviously learnt your pimping skills at the knee of a grandmaster *g*.


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