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May. 6th, 2010 10:53 pm
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Brain drain: the World Bank poaches Indonesian finance minister Sri Mulyani, probably the most competent person in SBY's cabinet. How exactly is this going to help Indonesia?

Misha Collins is apparently roaming Australia looking for kangaroos. I've decided that if I were ever to do that 'five fictional people you'd like to hang out with' meme, Misha would be, like, #3 on my list. Oh, come on, he's totally made up; nobody is actually like that in real life. I particularly like [ profile] ethrosdemon's story where he hangs with Eric and Pam and does a spot of necromancy.

This video always makes me want to write that mountain-biking GK AU that's been sitting on my mental shelf for, oh, about two years. Seriously: he rides his bike along the top of a spiky metal fence. Part of me thinks it's the most awesome thing ever, but then I can't help thinking about other extreme sport enthusiasts who met sticky ends. It's all fun and games until you end up impaled on a street sign.

I enjoyed [ profile] aesc's new Dean/Castiel epic, Freedom hangs like Heaven. People rarely write Castiel to my liking (why does a fandom dissolve into sugarpuff marshmallow-land as soon as angels are involved?), but here he's refreshingly cranky-- just like in canon. ("Don't ask stupid questions.")

God, I only ever get this bored when I have essays due. Quick: distract me with a summary of the new Sookie Stackhouse book! Bonus points if Eric's boxers are involved.
tevere: Jihae, solemn with hint of smile (Default)
So, I've been following this lengthy Sookie Stackhouse WIP (oh, shaddup) for the last week or so, and I clicked on a new installment this evening only to discover that the topic of this new chapter? Is THE FLU.

I mean, dude! I'm not reading vampire fiction for the realism! Is it too much to ask that my after-work escapism remains untainted by this-- this thing that everyone must insist on talking about day and night?

Separately, and because I'm tired to the point of non-functionality after a week of obnoxious plane travel, all I can do is gesture limply in the direction of [ profile] hollycomb's fearsomely good Calvin and Hobbes story, Theories About Nuclear Winter (Calvin/Susie, as teenagers). This is the story you never knew you wanted.

Why is nobody talking about the new X-Men movie? It's good, y'all! I mean, except for the bit where they mock the overweight. And casually reference crimes against humanity in Vietnam. Aside from that, I liked it! PS: HUGH JACKMAN.


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