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May. 14th, 2010 07:46 pm
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I gotta say, guys... )

Apparently last week I was, like, two hundred metres from Misha Collins and didn't realise it (I was taking weekend classes for an intensive course; there was a con happening in the lecture theatre next door). Kind of like that time the ship with all the Generation Kill marines on it parked right outside my house. Oh well.

News at 10

May. 6th, 2010 10:53 pm
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Brain drain: the World Bank poaches Indonesian finance minister Sri Mulyani, probably the most competent person in SBY's cabinet. How exactly is this going to help Indonesia?

Misha Collins is apparently roaming Australia looking for kangaroos. I've decided that if I were ever to do that 'five fictional people you'd like to hang out with' meme, Misha would be, like, #3 on my list. Oh, come on, he's totally made up; nobody is actually like that in real life. I particularly like [livejournal.com profile] ethrosdemon's story where he hangs with Eric and Pam and does a spot of necromancy.

This video always makes me want to write that mountain-biking GK AU that's been sitting on my mental shelf for, oh, about two years. Seriously: he rides his bike along the top of a spiky metal fence. Part of me thinks it's the most awesome thing ever, but then I can't help thinking about other extreme sport enthusiasts who met sticky ends. It's all fun and games until you end up impaled on a street sign.

I enjoyed [livejournal.com profile] aesc's new Dean/Castiel epic, Freedom hangs like Heaven. People rarely write Castiel to my liking (why does a fandom dissolve into sugarpuff marshmallow-land as soon as angels are involved?), but here he's refreshingly cranky-- just like in canon. ("Don't ask stupid questions.")

God, I only ever get this bored when I have essays due. Quick: distract me with a summary of the new Sookie Stackhouse book! Bonus points if Eric's boxers are involved.
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My long-suffering husband has two abiding questions for me:

(a) Why can't you pick good TV shows to be fannish about? and

(b) How come you have to listen to such shitty music while writing?

I believe the answer to both can be found in this Dean/Castiel vid of awesomeness.

(Yes, so I may have listened to Ke$ha's 'Blah blah blah' exactly 205 times last month while writing an essay on Security Council reform; it has a good beat, okay?)


Apr. 25th, 2010 03:15 pm
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To your knowledge, has anyone written a Supernatural story where the Christian theology of seasons 4 and 5 (resurrection, original sin, fathers and sons, fallen angels, horsemen, yadda yadda) has been ripped out and replaced with that of another religion? Say, Islam?

I feel like in a fandom this gigantic, surely someone has had a crack at this already. SURELY I CANNOT BE THE ONLY ONE WONDERING WHAT THIS WOULD LOOK LIKE.

(Spoilers for 5.19 in the LJ comments!)
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Last night I discovered an honest-to-god dreadlock in my hair. Not just a tangle, but a 2cm-wide solid-core dread that had industriously climbed from the tip to about halfway to my head.

I was quite proud of it, though eventually made a half-hearted effort to pull it apart (resulting in what might now be termed a 'dread clump'). Google tells me that I've been inadvertently following the unfavoured 'neglect' method of forming dreads -- and now, on closer inspection, I can see that after more than eighteen months of no conditioner and no brushing, my hair has kind of separated itself into long, individual locks with varying degrees of internal cohesion. I hadn't really noticed, since the matting starts in at the ends and works its way upwards. The roots are still smooth, and they're generally all I notice when have my hair tied back the way it always is.

I'm half-tempted to encourage my hair to dread up entirely. I do, however, have the following concerns:

  • How do I make sure the insides of the dreads are completely dry after washing, given that I can't be bothered blow-drying?

  • If the insides aren't dry, will my hair go mouldy?

  • Is it unreasonable of me to do it if The Boy disapproves?

  • Can you still put your hair up in a way that guarantees no part of it will touch the back of your neck? (I hate the feeling of hair touching the back of my neck, especially in hot climates.)

  • Are dreadlocks actually considered 'acceptable' these days in white-collar office environments?

In other news, the second season of So You Think You Can Dance: Australia started last week! Too early for me to be attached to any of the competitors yet, but there's already been some stellar performances, and I'm glad to see the Asians representing *fist bump*. I don't think there were any Asians in the Top Twenty of the first three seasons of the US series (although I think there was a Korean girl in S4, which I haven't seen yet). And it's interesting to see which styles are more popular in Australia than in America, and vice versa. Australian auditions seem to see more jazz, tap and drag (is 'drag' a style?), but less krumping and ballroom.

(ETA: Because I'm an unremembering idiot, [livejournal.com profile] norah reminds me that there have been four Asians in US SYTYCD: Ryan and Melody from S1, Hok from S3, and Katee from S4.)

Also, you should all check out [livejournal.com profile] norah's fabulously hot and kinky little number If Love is a Red Dress, based on this SYTYCD S4 performance of awesomeness.

Extra also, is it just me or has SPN been knocking it out of the park for these last couple of episodes? I was toying with calling it quits after that horrible mid-season Ben Edlund patch, but Friday's episode just KILLED ME DED.

And next Friday is TSCC! Life is good, my friends.

(Thanks for all the cat-wishes, by the way.)


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