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So, I've been following this lengthy Sookie Stackhouse WIP (oh, shaddup) for the last week or so, and I clicked on a new installment this evening only to discover that the topic of this new chapter? Is THE FLU.

I mean, dude! I'm not reading vampire fiction for the realism! Is it too much to ask that my after-work escapism remains untainted by this-- this thing that everyone must insist on talking about day and night?

Separately, and because I'm tired to the point of non-functionality after a week of obnoxious plane travel, all I can do is gesture limply in the direction of [livejournal.com profile] hollycomb's fearsomely good Calvin and Hobbes story, Theories About Nuclear Winter (Calvin/Susie, as teenagers). This is the story you never knew you wanted.

Why is nobody talking about the new X-Men movie? It's good, y'all! I mean, except for the bit where they mock the overweight. And casually reference crimes against humanity in Vietnam. Aside from that, I liked it! PS: HUGH JACKMAN.


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